Out of all scrap metals, copper is generally worth the most, with an average price of $2.50 per pound.

If you plan to earn money by recycling copper, you might assume that you have to find it at a construction site or an appliance store. In reality, you can find scrap copper in your own home.

Here are a few key places to look for valuable copper.

1. Electronics

These days, everyone has old electronics sitting around their home. You might have a computer, a television, or a DVD player that you no longer need.

If you can't sell your old item, you can make money by cutting out the copper wire inside it with wire cutters. Some recycling plants want you to strip the copper wire yourself, while others will accept the non-stripped copper wire.

You can also make money by removing the copper from your computer monitor. Unscrew the monitor's back cover and find the copper yoke, which is next to the circuit board. While wearing goggles, use a hammer to remove the yoke. Then use the hammer to remove the magnet around the copper.

Many recycling centers will take your old circuit boards as well.

2. Roofing

If you plan to repair or replace your roof, you can earn some cash by recycling your copper roofing. You can find copper in:

  • Shingles

  • Gutters and downspouts

  • Flashing

  • Spires, domes, and other architectural features

Rather than throwing your old roofing away, take it to a copper recycling plant.

3. Pots and Pans

You might have a simple and lucrative source of copper in your kitchen. One copper pot or pan contains a large amount of copper. The handle might not be made of copper, though—remove it if it's made of a different material.

4. Pipes

Copper pipes have a lifespan of between seventy and eighty years. Copper pipe can corrode and decay over time, causing costly leaks. If you live in an older home or you've had problems with leaks, consider replacing your copper pipes. Renovating your bathroom or kitchen is also a good reason to replace your pipes.

Once you replace your copper pipes, you can turn them in to a scrap metal recycling service for cash.

5. Air Conditioner

If you're replacing your air conditioner, your old air conditioner is a great place to find scrap metal. However, recycling plants might not accept the entire air conditioner, so you'll need to take it apart.

Make sure you have a professional remove the Freon and oils in your air conditioner. You can then use wire cutters to cut the copper wires. You can also use cable cutters to disconnect the copper tubing.

The most valuable features on air conditioners are the aluminum copper radiators. There is usually one radiator at the front and another at the back of your air conditioner. Many scrap metal facilities will happily accept your old radiators. Use a power drill or screw driver to remove them.

There are also several copper items that you can't turn into a scrap yard. For example, scrap yards won't take pennies because it's against the law to deface U.S. currency. Plus, scrap yards usually won't take batteries because of their hazardous nature. Check with the specific scrap metal facility to see what they will and won't take.

You don't need to hang out at a construction site to cash in on copper. Looking for these sources of copper at home is a simple way to earn extra cash.

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