Scrap metal recycling is one of the best available methods for generating some extra cash while simultaneously doing your part to protect the environment. The give and take that comes from bringing loads to the scrap yard can create a flourishing relationship between customers and the yard itself, but there are some steps you need to be sure to take before bringing in a load.

Too many people assume that simply hauling in large quantities of junk and expecting the scrap yard employees to sort through it is the most efficient way to embrace the process. Instead, this is likely to run contrary to your interests and create long delays, which risks minimizing your pay out.

Below, you'll find a guide to some steps you should take in order to properly prepare your scrap metal load. Following these suggestions should help guarantee that your next visit to the scrap yard goes as smoothly as possible, allowing you to spend minimal time in the yard and drive away with the maximum amount of cash in your pocket.

Search for Contaminants

Scrap yard operators are trained to do everything in their power to make sure a load can be accepted, but if there are excessive contaminants in large jumbles of scrap, accepting a load may be impossible. Wood, plastic and some chemical components can create serious problems in the scrapping process, and sufficient enough quantities will require that a load is rejected.

Make sure that you sort through your load before bringing it to the yard and remove any items that may be questionable. If you have questions about whether or not an item is eligible to be scrapped, make sure that you call ahead of time to get a professional opinion.

Strip Out Your Value

Most scrap loads are measured by bulk weight, and the price you're paid is based on the price of materials on that day. Some materials, such as copper, may have a higher value than scrap iron, but you may not be getting the best-possible value if you're not taking the time to disassemble some components and separate out the more expensive metals.

Purchasing a low-cost stripper to pull copper components out of old appliances or to strip the plastic covering from wiring can go a long way toward maximizing your value. If you're determined to put in the effort to load up scrap metal and then seek out a recycling center, you should put in the time necessary to guarantee that you're getting the greatest possible return from that decision.

Load the Right Vehicle

A productive visit to the scrap yard relies on an equitable give and take between the yard and the customer. If your vehicle is difficult to unload or can only carry small amounts of material at a time, the process will be complicated and you will likely become frustrated by your attempts to unload.

A truck with an open bed is the preferred method of transporting scrap to the yard, as it makes for the easiest loading and unloading. Some chain hardware stores have rental trucks available for relatively low rates, and those trucks can maximize your value by allowing you to process larger loads.

Dabal & Sons Inc is an experienced scrapping firm which will buy a wide variety of metal products. Turning to an experienced and reliable firm can guarantee you receive maximum value for your loads and can put you in a position to truly embrace the high-value world of scrap metal.