We Buy Brass or Copper Pipe from those In Hackensack, NJ

Located in Garfield and Serving those in the Clifton, NJ area also

For over 60 years, Dabal & Sons has paid residents of the Clifton, NJ, area for their non-ferrous scrap metal. When you bring your scrap metal to Dabal & Sons, everyone wins: you get paid for things you don’t use anymore, and the earth deals with less waste.

We find joy in our ability to provide you with financial compensation for your worn-out property, and as a Garfield, NJ, company that is family owned and operated, we’re thrilled by the opportunity we have to improve the community.

A Place for Everything

If you want to have a clean home, then every object needs a place to go. The same is true for the earth: to keep the planet in good health, we need to reduce the amount of waste we produce. When you recycle your non-ferrous metals, you do a great thing for your community and the world at large.

Dabal & Sons tries to make environmental stewardship as easy for you as possible. When you arrive at our scrap yard, we can help you unload and sort the material you bring. Then, together we’ll weigh your scrap metal on our digital platform scales. Finally, we’ll pay you quickly—we’ll accept your scrap and then get you your money.

A Plan for Everything

You don’t have to have large amounts of solid metal sitting in your yard for your contribution to make a difference. We accept metal in many forms, such as through our processes for circuit board recycling. Bring us items like insulated copper wire scrap and electric motors. We’ll make the metal usable again so it can continue to help people in the Clifton, NJ, area.

For a better idea of what types of materials and metals we accept, read through the lists below. You can also call us at (973) 478-3478 to learn more. We look forward to helping you!

Accepted Metals

  • Copper (Wire, pipes, roofing flashing, etc.)
  • Aluminum (No cans)
  • Brass/Composition
  • Insulated Copper Wire
  • Insulated Aluminum Wire
  • Stainless Steel (Non-magnetic only)
  • ACRs (Aluminum copper radiators from air conditioners)
  • Electric Motors
  • Circuit Boards (Computers)
  • High Temperature Alloys
  • Cobalt Alloys
  • Tungsten Carbide
  • Nickel
  • Inconel
  • Molybdenum
  • Monel
  • Zinc/Die Cast
Dabal & Sons only accepts non-ferrous metals. Please see below for ferrous metals we do not accept.

Metals We Do Not Accept

  • Iron/Steel
  • Batteries
  • Aluminum Cans (UBC)
  • Fluorescent Ballasts
  • TV Coax/Fiber Optic Cable
  • Whole Air Conditioners
  • Compressors
  • Transmissions/Transfer Cases
Got metal? Contact the specialists of Dabal & Sons when you are ready to sell it! Visit us in Garfield,
New Jersey or call (973) 478-3478 to learn more about our services.